Over the years Colin has written and produced dozens of commercials, trailers, network promos, short films, and web series. He wrote the first of his four film scripts (notably for-hire) in 1996, the same year he began writing and producing general market TV spots for the New York Yankees, Howard Johnson hotels, and others.

He has developed, created, and delivered top-shelf quality video, TV, and film for some of the most accomplished and demanding clients in the world, and for the past several years focused on telling the inspiring, powerful, and even world-changing stories of innovative companies, organizations, people, products, and services.

Through one of his companies, Daily Brand Media (which he founded and operated for seven years), he has produced top-quality commercial TV, film, and video content for 13 years. These include commercials, promos, tune-ins, and custom vignettes for movie studios including Warner Bros. (I am Legend, 300, Lucky You, We Are Marshall, Watchmen, others) as well as TV networks including FOX Sports, FOX Soccer Channel, Speed Channel, and E! Entertainment. He’s also produced and written commercial spots for the likes of Ford Motor Company (showcasing the EcoBoost engine) and corporate videos for the likes of Polycom.

You can watch some recent examples of the work Colin loves to do in the Media reels showcasing videos he produced for and with Biomimicry 3.8 and its non-profit Institute (select videos herehighlights of web series here).

He’s also worked with the United Nations on two occasions, recently producing short-form documentaries on humanitarian aid and development missions in the Middle East, and he and his team are now planning similar productions in Western Africa, South America and right here at home in the US.