(Photo: Dr. Mark Beeson)

TEDx_logo_sydney_022309Colin often speaks from a podium, on a panel and even, given the opportunity, atop a soap box or tree stump (true to his Southern roots). He’s spoken to audiences ranging from a handful to a couple thousand, both formally and extemporaneously.

Key topics and talks:
– Innovation Inspired by Nature: Biomimicry and Bioinspiration
– Entreprenatureship: Nature-inspired Business Development
– Bento Boxing – Business Model Innovation and how “People Exchange Value”
– Entrepreneurship and Social / Impact Entrepreneurship

Frequently Cited Biography:
Colin Mangham is an unapologetic marketer, driven to help people exchange value. He’s supported the success of a couple dozen Fortune 500 companies as well as 100+ early-stage ventures. His career-long fascination with how things work and why people do what they do led him to discover biomimicry, innovation inspired by natural forms, processes, and systems. He’s now a bright-eyed advocate (and humble student) of bio-inspired solutions, and he’s eager for you to join him on his learning journey.

Some Recent Highlights

February 2015 | Watch Video Here


Colin Mangham @ BIL
March 2015 | Watch Video Here


TEDx Video Debut and Speech

Upcoming Spring 2016

– Living Building Challenge – Los Angeles Collaborative: Unmeeting, April 12, 2016
– Sustainatopia 2016, San Francisco, May 1-3, 2016, www.Sustainatopia.com

Other Highlights

– Biomimicry 2016: The Road to Resiliency, March 11 (more at: verdicalgroup.com/biomimicry-2016)
– Happy City US, “10 Domains of Happiness”: Venice Beach, CA, March 20 (more at: HappyCity.us)
– Upcycle – February 18 (Hosted by Biomimicry LA; Sponsored by NAC Architecture, ECOR, Frey Wines)
– Sustainatopia 2015; Day 2 Welcome & Plenary Moderator (Smart Cities of the Future); Panelist (Biomimicry and Sustainable Innovation Inspired by Nature), May 27-30, 2015
– Michiana Forum 2014: “A conversation between thought leaders who wrestle with the big issues of the day”; Co-Keynote Speaker (Notre Dame/South Bend area) (photo at top of page, Dr. Mark Beeson)
– Sustainatopia 2014, including the LOHAS Conference; Panelist and Featured Session Presenter, October 29-November 2, 2014
– USGBC Chapter Event, Los Angeles: Biomimicry Solutions for Water Management (September 2014)
– The Impact Conference 2013, Miami, FL; The Regenerative Economy (Panel); Breakfast with Biomimicry (Presentation)
– UCLA Social Enterprise Academy; Business Plans for Non-Profits and Social Enterprises: 3-hour lecture/workshop (February 2014)
– Metropole Global Forum 2013 – Next Generation Crowdfunding & Entrepreneurship (November 2013)
– San Diego Zoo Global Center for Bioinspiration, in conjunction with the Learning Forum (Foresight Council); full-day workshop (March 2013)
– Global LAVA (Los Angeles Venture Association), relative to Impact Investing and social capital
– The International Institute of Los Angeles; judge and panelist, social enterprise development final presentations (February 2014)
– Microcredit Finance Roundtable – Beirut, Lebanon, in conjunction with the United Nations
– The Impact Conference 2012, Miami, FL; Transforming Global Issue Dialogue Through Media (panel)
– Faurecia Westworks Innovation Center, Holland, MI (October 2012); full-day workshop
– Partnership UCLA undergrad student workshop facilitation and focus groups (January 2014)
– Biomimicry LA Regional Meetup (November 2012, March 2013, May 2013)
– Sustainatopia – Miami Beach, focus on Biomimicry
– The Impact Conference 2014, Miami Beach, FL
– Australian Trade Commission – Panel on entrepreneurial business development, with live videoconference audiences in five Australian cities
– Private Roundtable on Biodiversity Issues and Opportunities –Seattle, WA, February 17
– One Spark Academy, Thousand Oaks, CA, introduced 6th-8th graders to biomimicry (June 2013)
– Guest Lecturer, Santa Barbara City College (Lasso Education and multi-cultural entrepreneurship)
– 5DAY Missions Closing Ceremonies – Beirut, Lebanon, with Maura Connelly, US Ambassador to Lebanon
– Wild & Scenic Film Festival – In conjunction with screenings of “Second Nature: The Biomimicry Revolution”
– Good Shepherd School, “Spider Robots & Hydraulics”; Biomimicry Workshop in conjunction with Fraunhofer Institute, Agilent Technologies, One Spark Academy
– Bay Area Biomimicry Swarm, with Bryony Schwan (Executive Director, Biomimicry 3.8 Institute)
– Engaging Youth 2012 – UN/EU in Brussels, Belgium; participated in roundtables and breakouts
– Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles) forum on social entrepreneurship
– Biomimicry Global Summit 2013, Boston, MA, “How would nature design an automotive seat?” (June 2013)
– Sustainable Building Advisor Institute, Los Angeles, CA (July 2013), six-hour introductory workshop
– Global LAVA (Los Angeles Venture Association), on global expansion strategies for entrepreneurs (July 2013)

Book Colin to inspire and entertain your audience:

Please contact Betty Johann for information on topics and availability, as well as workshops and other programs Colin facilitates through BioLogical Group and Biomimicry LA.