Colin has been marketing professionally for nearly 25 years, and with an uncommonly diverse range of roles, engagements, clients and business partners. He’s helped clients and other business partners build and grow businesses in most industries and verticals. That includes a few dozen of the world’s biggest brands as well as over a hundred early- or growth-stage companies driven to be acquired by (or perhaps even become) one of the Fortune 500.

His clients have run the gamut from pre-revenue start-ups to the likes of Ford Motor Company, Bristol-Myers Squibb, P&G and the United Nations. He’s worked in and with both boutique and global agencies. He’s founded and led consulting firms and communications agencies. He’s worked on the client side as a Chief Marketing Officer. He’s co-founded and built companies. He’s served on a number of non-profit and corporate boards. He’s also conducted business in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, and traveled in over 25 countries.

He solves business problems using tools including Bento Box™ business modeling, design thinking, deep practice branding, entrepreneurial business development, behavioral psychology, and even biomimicry.

Mainly he engages in collaborative relationships in which he can improve:

– Market Strategy
– Innovation Process
– Organizational Development
– Brainstorming Workshops
– Brand Messaging
– Competitive Positioning
– Sales Opportunities

Some highlights of his successes:

– Driven top-line growth by making ideas happen
– Guided innovation, from brainstorming to prototyping
– Enhanced, expanded, and fully developed business models
– Aligned value propositions with target audiences / recipients
– Helped create the actual products/services/systems and stories to meet market opportunities
– Assembled highly diverse problem-solving teams (sometimes including biologists and psychologists)
– Developed and implemented comprehensive branding / marketing strategies and communications
– Leveraged resources like an entrepreneur, ever-focused on optimization and ROI
– Identified and synthesized double- and triple-bottom line opportunities
– Ensured that the collaboration experience is enjoyable, inspiring, and rewarding.

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