Colin approaches most challenges as a communications strategist, writer and designer. Not just because these are core capabilities, but because through the years he’s seen, experienced, and realized that communication is absolutely critical to every facet, iteration and milestone of the innovation process.

Marketing, in its most modern definition, is the process of exchanging value. Colin focuses intensely on how, why, where, and to whom that value is communicated.

In the innovation process, that includes communication within teams. With key stakeholders. To and with shareholders and other financial resources. And eventually – especially – end users who can and will ultimately value the benefits of innovative technologies, business models, approaches to solving social problems, and more.

Over the years he’s continually shaped and focused his career on a core commitment to “make things better.” One thing that often has him jumping out of bed pre-dawn is the promise of a high-energy collaboration that truly makes a difference.

To Colin, the game worth playing is not about purely academic theory and creativity for its own sake. It’s about actions and results. It’s about positive change. It’s about incremental successes you can sustain over the long term.

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