Colin has worked with big and small, global and start-up, and pretty much every category. His expertise is deepest in technology, financial and professional services, non-profits, consumer goods, entertainment and emerging cleantech, though he’s game for anyone doing good on a daily basis.

The main thing Colin’s clients and business partners have in common is that they are forward-thinking, developing and marketing innovative products and services … some of them are even game-changing innovative organizations across the board.

Importantly, innovation to Colin is manifest in a diversity of forms … technological, organizational, ecological, societal. If you’re doing something new and different, advancing societal progress, being more effective, making things better, Colin’s likely open to collaboration for mutual benefit.

Check out some of his innovation work with Biological Group (Innovation Consultancy) as well as his business modeling method, Bento Boxing™. Also check out his work as a Certified Biomimicry Specialist and as founder of Biomimicry LA.

If that’s not enough biomimicry for you –and for most people, that would merely whets their appetite on this amazing discipline – check out Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute, for which Colin served concurrently as Chief Marketing Officer.