Biomimicry LA

Biomimicry LA landscape

Colin founded Biomimicry LA as a diverse, regionally attuned professional network of changemakers and visionaries fostering innovation inspired by nature.

• Formed, developed, and launched non-profit professional association of biomimicry (innovation inspired by nature) practitioners and enthusiasts
• Recruited and assembled core group of 12 thought leaders in sustainable innovation, including engineers, architects, urban planners, community organizers, and IP attorneys
• Formed alliances with partners including San Diego Zoo Global, International Living Future Institute (LBC LA Collaborative), several K-12 schools, Biomimicry 3.8, others
• Created and conducted workshops and events with the Fraunhofer Institute, the Sustainable Building Advisors Institute, the Impact Conference (Miami), others
• Engaged academic partners including the University of Michigan Law School (International Transactions Clinic) to develop new business models and structures including potential alliance formation with China-based partner

With the organization’s multi-disciplinary group of scientists, engineers, architects, designers, business leaders, researchers, and students, Biomimicry LA is exploring the natural phenomena of the Los Angeles region and world at large through a biomimicry lens.

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Also Colin’s TEDx (2015) centered on biomimicry here.