Level Eleven


Colin is a principal in Level Eleven LLC, where he develops and executes business and marketing strategy, mostly for early- or growth-stage companies.

From the firm’s website:

Level Eleven is a leading boutique consulting firm focused on creating strategy and providing execution for B2B and B2C companies, products, and services. We hold a particular affinity for early-stage and other rapid growth companies and business models.

We develop and sharpen strategic plans across all functional areas, especially with business and financial modeling, go-to-market, competitive positioning, product / service development/ and communications / messaging.

We actually implement the strategies we develop. We have extensive experience growing, advising and hands-on operating companies of every size, in all stages of development.

We are entrepreneurs to the core. When we come across or think up a highly promising new business venture we often found it ourselves and bring it to market. On several occasions we’ve enjoyed significant exits.

More at LevelElevenLLC.com.