Moving Media

Colin has written extensively for moving media, including TV commercials, network tune-ins and promos, short films, corporate and non-profit videos, web series and even a few feature-length screenplays.

Highlights (various reels):

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– Featured Web Series – AskNature
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– Spots & Demos
– Promos & Tune-Ins


Colin has written three feature-length screenplays, revised two others and assisted in the development of a dozen more. His first was a commissioned work based upon a comedic self-help book by Gayle Sand, “Is it Hot in Here or Is It Me?” Talk about initiation by fire … he wrote in the shoes of a menopausal woman. One for the books, as they say.

Other works have included:

“Mountain Standard Time” – A drama slash love story set in the Rocky Mountains and featuring an aging singer-songwriter who after decades on the road finally returns home, only to find that ship sailed long ago. He of course claws his way back with help from the usual suspects — a wise old sage, a never-say-die running buddy and newfound love.

“Rio Turbio” – A drama set on the US-Mexico border in South Texas. A daughter from Boston visits her mother on their ranch shortly after the death of her father in an “accident.” What unfolds is a rich study in cultural amalgamation along a porous dotted line on the map. This project, developed in conjunction with Southern Gothic Productions, is now being further developed to reflect hot topics on immigration and naturalization of Mexican and Central American citizens in the US.